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"I'm Stuck" One-On-One Mentor Session


"I'm Stuck" One-On-One Mentor Session

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You woke up this morning and felt a little cranky about your bank account balance. A bride emailed you yesterday, and told you that she loves your work, but that you're 'too expensive'...and now you're worried that you actually are too expensive. You're exhausted and shoot a lot, but you're not seeing the clients you want. You love your clients, but you're afraid to raise your prices because you might lose them.

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You're stuck.

The "I'm Stuck" Mentor Session is perfect for the wedding or portrait photographer who has been shooting successfully for a few years, but is feeling like business has hit a bit of a plateau. Growth is a necessary and inevitable part of running a business. If you do not grow, you fade away. This twelve-hour mentor session is spread over two days and includes ::

  • A detailed review of your business. This includes your income, debts, personal plans for the future, business dreams and aspirations, and a hard look at what you're charging for your work.
  • A review of your current clients. Are they 'your people'? Do you really know who 'your people' are? How do we help your ideal clients to find you, and - better yet - enthusiastically pay you what you deserve for your work.
  • A portfolio review. Simple, scary, and oh-so-necessary for continued growth as an artist.
  • How are you different from the crowd? What makes you stand out, and how can you monetize what makes you special?
  • Before our mentor session, you will fill in a detailed questionnaire that will help me to tailor the session specifically for you. Each person I mentor is different, and your session should be a reflection of your current needs.

Your session ends with a mini portrait session with Tara. The images are yours to keep as a reminder of where you started from, and where you are going.

As you head back into the real world of running your business, I am committed to mentoring you for as long as you need. Little questions? Big questions? Need to run something by me? I've got your back.


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