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"I'm Pregnant & Self-Employed. Now What?" One-On-One Mentor Session

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"I'm Pregnant & Self-Employed. Now What?" One-On-One Mentor Session


Oh, sister. I have been in your shoes (do you still fit into your shoes?!).

I shot more than 30 weddings while I was pregnant with my son, shot a portrait session when he was two weeks old, and went back to shooting weddings when he was three weeks old.

During my son's first year of life, I shot more than 40 weddings and 65 portrait sessions. I breastfed, answered emails, and managed employees at the same time. I nearly lost my damn mind.

I would love to help you not only retain your sanity during your pregnancy and during the first years of your child's life, but I would love to help you THRIVE and enjoy this ever-so-fleeting time. Mother-to-mother, we'll get honest about fears, stress, money, maternity leave, managing client expectations, and managing your own expectations of what you are capable of.

This mentor session is split into two sessions - one during pregnancy and another post-partum. Sessions can take place at your home, or via the web. Sessions are 1.5 hours each (totaling 3 hours).

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Your session includes ::

  • A heart-to-heart chat about what 'maternity leave' actually means to a self-employed woman.
  • Guidance with handling brides who may have already commissioned you for their wedding, but whose weddings you may have to miss due to pregnancy or birth.
  • Boundary-setting for clients AND setting realistic back-to-work goals for you.
  • Frank talks about breastfeeding, pumping, and leaving your baby for the first post-partum wedding shoot.
  • Anything you need to talk about will be covered. Many women come to me with similar questions about all of the above, but your journey is different from anyone else. I'm here to help. You CAN be a mom and a very successful entrepreneur at the same time. It's hard, but it's so worth it.

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